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HD Brows Stylist UK
HD Brow Sculpt
What are
HD Brows?

High Definition Brows are the UKs No1 in salon Brow Treatment. 

With Bespoke, long lasting custom colour blend tint to perfectly match your hair and skin tone, brow mapping, precise waxing, threading to get that clean finish which means your makeup glides on top of the area as well as tweezing to perfect the shape and makeup to show you where we are growing in the brows to achieve your perfect brow.

Each HD brow is unique following the natural hairs you have and the proportions of your face to create the brow that will best frame your features.

With HD brows we look to the future of your brow rather than tidying it on the one appointment, we can help you grow in sparce areas and achieve a fuller brow in the long run.

What is
HD Brow Sculpt??

Hd Brow Sculpt is a new Brow treatment created by HD Brows, after the laminated brows took off I have researched the very best products that are kind to your brow hairs whilst laminating them.

This treatment not only includes the fantastic full HD treatment it also includes a lamination process which helps tidy and make the brows look fuller.

For the first treatment I charge £65 as this includes the fantastic aftercare serum Brow Serum from HD, which not only keeps the brows hydrated but like the name it locks in the tint making it last longer.

After this first session it is then £50 per treatment until you need to repurchase the aftercare serum.

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