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@makeupbyzk - 7.5k+ followers
@zkmakeupstudio - 2.4k+ followers
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ZK Makeup Studio, Noake Mill Lane, Water End, HP1 3BG 

I am a 27 year old professional makeup artist and owner of @makeupbyzk & @zkmakeupstudio. I have previously been an artist so I have a passion for creativity. I am a makeup educator and have a huge interest in teaching and sharing all my tips and tricks and product recommendations with as many people as I can.

My clients and followers are always following my recommendations as they value and trust my opinion.

I am obsessed with pigments, shimmers and glowy finishes as well as creative colourful looks, I use a variety of brands in my kit and recommend both high end and affordable makeup and skincare products.

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I have recently started a youtube channel on top of my IGTV tutorials. The posts that get the most reaction tend do be photos of myself rather than my clients! This recent lockdown has shown that, so I will continue to post photos of myself more to my profile.

10.5k+ Reach on Instagram 1st Jan - 31st Jan 2022
10.9K   Followers on instagram on my 2 accounts
87.2%  Female followers
75.4% 18-34 year old followers 
1.5k+  Average Impressions on IG stories

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