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Destination wedding makeup explained

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Deciphering the Costs of Destination Bridal Makeup: A Detailed Breakdown

In this blog I will unravel the intricacies behind destination bridal makeup pricing, shedding light on the factors that contribute to its premium and why it can be a worthwhile investment for your big day.

  1. Specialisation and Expertise: Destination bridal makeup artists possess a wealth of specialised skills and expertise honed through extensive training and experience. From mastering diverse cultural bridal looks to adapting to varying climates and environments, their proficiency commands a higher fee reflective of their unparalleled dedication to perfection.

2. Premium Quality Products:

Crafting the perfect bridal look requires an arsenal of premium-quality products meticulously selected for their longevity, photo-readiness, and skin-friendly formulations. These high-end products come at a cost and necessitate ongoing investment to ensure brides radiate beauty from dawn to dusk on their special day.

3. High Demand and Exclusivity:

Destination bridal makeup artists often operate in high-demand markets, committing exclusively to one client per day to deliver an unparalleled experience. This exclusivity means turning away potential bookings and justifies a premium fee to compensate for the loss of additional clientele.

With destination weddings this often means turning away 3 days worth of work for the one day of your wedding to allow time for travelling.

With an average of £500 per booking for example this will mean turning away potentially £1500+ worth of work to do your one day!

Often destination artists will actually make less money doing a destination wedding than if they were to take on jobs here in the UK, they do this because of the amazing opportunity to travel and see their work in such beautiful venues.

4. Intensive Preparation and Communication:

Unlike conventional makeup sessions, destination bridal makeup entails extensive pre-wedding consultations, trials, and meticulous planning to tailor each look to the bride's unique vision.

Hours of communication and preparation behind the scenes ensure seamless execution on the big day, warranting a fee reflective of the artist's dedication and attention to detail.

5. Travel and Logistical Costs:

Venturing abroad for destination weddings incurs additional expenses such as travel, accommodation, and logistical arrangements.

Bridal makeup artists must factor these costs into their pricing, ensuring they arrive refreshed and prepared to deliver flawless beauty services amidst unfamiliar surroundings.

I often book destination weddings before flights are released, so I can provide a seperate quote for the expenses side of the quote once they are available but the expenses required are broken down in the quote and information booklet.

I always require 2 nights accomodation as you dont want your makeup artist to be rushing off to go straight back on a flight home! The night before and of the wedding accommodation is generally required when booking a destination artist.

6. Operational Expenses and Business Essentials:

Running a destination bridal makeup business involves overhead costs ranging from insurance and marketing to administrative fees.

Investment in professional tools, online booking systems, and client management software ensures a seamless and reliable service, there is no chance of your destination bridal artist double booking!

7. Piece of mind

When booking a destination Makeup Artist, you will be able to have your trial here in the UK. This will save you money on flights and accommodation for yourself if you were having a trial in the country you’re getting married. Unless you have your trial days before your wedding, which is not recommended.

I have previously had brides have trials abroad, realise that the Makeup is not their style and then book me in the end anyway, booking with me in the first place would have saved them money on that trial and the trip they had to make having it!

8. Time away from home

Many artists will charge a sustenance fee for every 24 hours they are away from home, this is to cover their food whilst working away.

In conclusion, while destination bridal makeup may entail a higher investment initially, it's a worthwhile expenditure for brides seeking a flawless and unforgettable look amidst breathtaking surroundings.

By understanding the intricacies behind destination bridal makeup pricing, brides can embark on their wedding journey with confidence, knowing they've invested in a truly exceptional experience that transcends borders and

exceeds expectations. Booking local doesn’t necessarily mean your saving money as in the long run it can be more costly to book an artist based on their location and not their work!

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